Friday, August 31, 2012

Kent Haymaker Farmers' Market Mural

For most of the 20 years that the Kent Haymaker Farmers' Market has been in existence, I am happy to say that I was there.  If you know anything about Kent, the market is located down Franklin Avenue past Ray’s.  In the first years, the market was tiny with only a handful of vendors, but now . . . America is on a health kick and everyone wants to eat healthy and buy local.  I say, “It’s time to visit the market!” 

Our little market has grown into a community hot spot and that is where we spend our Saturday mornings.  I guess the fact that my son Earl sells corn down at the market is a big incentive – free corn for mom!  However, I would go with or without the corn.  My son Adam and my granddaughter Zoe usually go with me and Zoe put it very nicely when she said, “Everyone knows me at the market.”  And indeed they do: the cookie lady, the scone man, the bread lady the maple popcorn lady, the pierogie booth and the cheese sample guy.  We visit them all!

This year, the market planners commissioned a mural to be painted on the “legs” or pillars of the overpass bridge.  A young artist, Elaine Hullihen who studied art at Kent State, is doing the mural.  The mural has vegetables, people, art, and poetry to represent the market and Kent’s history.  I had the pleasure of meeting Elaine.  She is a wonderful young lady who along with doing art also teaches yoga.  Climbing up on that lift and painting the pillars – I can see that yoga might come in handy. 
I am very proud to live in Kent when I see art projects like this happening in the community.  Click on the link to view an article from our local paper about the mural project:

Take a look at the mural progress so far.  I will add more posts as the painting gets closer to completion.
Artist Elaine Hullihen at work

Do you see the hands?

My son Earl selling corn.

We enjoy a variety of local entertainment.  Lots of talent in Kent

Zoe loves the flowers

Model of Mural

The mural is starting to come to life.  Can you see part of the poem?

The hands are taking shape

I can hardly wait to see the finished mural.  How about you?  I'll be sure to share more pictures.


  1. Thanks for sharing Gladys! It looks like a very nice farmer's market. I also love your new profile picture on Facebook!

    P.S. everytime I walk into the house, the roses make me smile!

  2. I envy you all that fresh produce! Yummy! Love seeing a bit of the community where you live! Tell Zoe hello from Flicka and I!