Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zippy, Zippy Zigzag Birthday Quilt

As my son Adam's 40th Birthday approached, I wanted to make a quilt that would reflect his life style and interests.  He works with computers, enjoys video games, plays piano, likes Charlie Brown, had worked at a newspaper and loves his family.  I was hoping the prints along with the black stripes would work well together and not be too crazy.  Miss Carol from Sweet Peas and Possum did a fabulous job quilting it in a geometric pattern - very cool for the look of this quilt.

The plan started before Adam's birthday in May, but the quilt was not finished until the end of October.  That happens sometimes in a zigzag world:
The name of the backing is called "Baby Geniuses Grow up" so I named the quilt "Baby Genius Grows up"  Michelle made a  lovely embroidered label to go on the quilt.

You can see the quilting pattern in this picture.

Happy "late" Birthday, Adam.  I hope you enjoy your quilt for many years!

What I Learned About Life Making a Zigzag Quilt

Life does not go in a straight, even line;
It has its ups and downs.
It may be cut apart in patches of time
Then sewn back together in jagged rows.
It’s okay!

You try to match up the seams and dreams,
But, if it still does not fit
Help comes from family, friends and unseen means.
The end design may be a little crazy,
But love remains true
Even in a zigzag world.


  1. I love a zigzag. It's so lively and the colors in yours make it even more so!