Monday, February 11, 2013

Cleveland Art Museum

New perspectives at the Cleveland Art Museum

Sunday was a fun day at the Cleveland Art Museum with my family.  It has been years since my last visit and they have made some amazing changes to help the technological generation meet and blend with the old school of art.  The new Gallery 1 is fabulous . . . 
Zoe loves the giant touch screen wall of art that is like a giant I-Pad.  At a touch, it moves, enlarges, gives descriptions and locations of the art.  You can dock your I-Pad and  plan your visit.  This only shows about one fourth of the wall.  

Same wall with art enlarged.

Another interactive wall - draw a shape and the art that matches that shape appears.
This picture reminded me of how quilters put together little patches of material to make an image. It was all in pixels.

Lots of Quilt Patterns in this picture!   Flying Geese, for sure . . . the clouds are the quilting pattern.

Zoe made shadow art
Lunch was in the atrium.  It felt like a summer day!  

Zoe found her Knight in shining armor - sorry you are blurry, Zoe.  This is when my camera had issues and the battery gave out.


  1. What a wonderful way to spend time with your granddaughter!

  2. How did I miss this post? Too many sleepless nights I guess!
    Momma Barb and I had a good time today. She will have plenty to do at your retreat in April.
    Hope you had a good week. Hope to see you soon.
    March 16th in National Quilt Day and I was hoping to have a QBee Sew Day!

    1. Barbie told me she was cutting out new projects for our retreat. She is so ambitious! Had a nice surprise in the mail; the Miller's Dry Goods brochure with all our pictures. How fun! Let me know if you plan a QBee sewing day; I will be there if at all possible.