Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mrs. Miller's Cabin Retreat

Oh my gosh!  How did 20 days go by without a new post?  It must be true that you are even more busy when you retire than when you are working.

This past weekend was very special.  I had the privilege of spending the weekend in Charm, Ohio down in Amish country at Mrs. Miller's Cabin.   We quilted till the wee hours, laughed and ate lots of good food.

Can I hear you singing "Over the River and Through the Woods"?

If not, we will move on to our quilt projects.  Barb, Mama Barb's daughter, completed a very special project.   She found an old box of quilt squares, sewed by hand, up in the corner of an attic in a house that was going to be torn down.  She rescued the old squares and sewed them into this wonderful quilt.  We all agreed that whoever made these hand-sewn squares, maybe her husband's grandmother, would be thrilled to see the final results.  Take a look:
Don't let that halo on Mama Barb's head fool you!  
Old box where the squares were stored.
Barb added the dark blue strips to separate the squares.
Look at that interesting fabric.
Mama Barb worked on a number of projects:
Sewing up a present.
Sew much fun!
Debbie chain sewing a quilt for her daughter.

Jackie worked on a complex pattern - lovely batiks!

This may be Miss Carol's third or fourth project for the weekend
I made a flannel snowman/cabin quilt from a kit.  When I cuddle up under it this winter, I will remember our happy weekend at the cabin in Charm. 

The Cabin is a great place for a quilt retreat, or any kind of retreat.

Time flew by and all too soon it was time to head for home and back to reality.  First we had to finish eating some of these cute cookies.  

With Thanksgiving one week away, I am thankful for my QBee friends and our time together at Mrs. Miller's Cabin.  I am sew blessed!


  1. Looks like such a fun time with your quilting friends! The old found quilt blocks turned out really nice in the quilt! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks! We did have a great weekend. I am "almost" done putting together all the blocks for Easy Street and then have to sew the rows together. I want to do Bonnie's new mystery so thought I'd better get sewin'! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.