Thursday, January 30, 2014

Juki TL-2010 Longarm

Michelle, my QBee sister-in-law, has taken the big quilter's plunge and purchased a Juki TL-2010 longarm machine.  She did a lot of research and decided on this model because it had the features she was looking for and also because it seemed like it would be dependable with all metal gears.  It took about six hours to set up . . . plus a number of hours to make a workable space in her basement.  It was a choice between the basement or a spare bedroom, and now, looking at the size of this machine, I think the bedroom would have been too small.

Michelle is so excited with her new toy, and knowing her, she will complete some beautiful quilts with this baby.  Her favourite line is "there is no such word as can't."
Wow!  Long enough for a king size quilt!

You can work from either side 

It's difficult to see the stitches with the white on white, but they looked nice and even to me!

If anyone owns this machine, please post your thoughts or any helpful hints you might have about this model.  I know Michelle would appreciate that.

More Snow Rollers

My last post featured the weather phenomenon we experienced in Ohio, snow rollers.  On the way over to Michelle's house, I had to stop and take this picture.  As you can tell, she lives way out in the country.  

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  1. Congrats to Michelle! Keep us posted on her progress with the long arm! Stay warm!