Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Retreat at the Cabin

We had a fantastic winter retreat at Mrs. Miller's Cabin in Charm, Ohio this past weekend.  The weather was perfect and the sewing machines were buzzing.  We ate wonderful meals, shopped at Mrs. Miller's Dry Goods, caught up on family news and enjoyed the best weekend you can imagine.  

It took a weekend at The Cabin to finally finish Easy Street borders.  I needed a big floor space to lay it out and measure.  It's my largest quilt ever, as you can tell by the picture.  The quilt holders were standing on chairs and I have to thank them for risking life and limb to get this shot.  We found the perfect backing at the quilt shop and Miss Carol is going to quilt it for me.  I know it is in good hands!

Sometimes pictures tell the story better than words can convey. 

Miss Carol and her lovely daughter Amanda.  

Mama Barb getting ready to enjoy her chilli.  Amanda made us a chilli bar and gluten free corn bread for supper.  It was so yummy!

I was sitting in a rocking chair upstairs in Mrs. Millers Dry Goods Store when I shot this picture.  

An Amish horse and buggy waits outside the store.

Show and tell quilt - quilted by Miss Carol

Tea Pot Quilt from Mama Barb
Hand quilted Tea Pot design

Leave now cold winter!
Brighten up, oh skies of spring!
Carry snow away!

Amanda working on her quilt

Debbie's Quilt for her Granddaughter
The quilting on the back added a new dimension to the quilt

We had visitors at the cabin!  Mama Barbs granddaughter, Allyssa, and her daughter-in-law, Dana

Dana brought a show and tell!  Her very first quilt!!  It turned out beautiful and I love the colors!
If you missed the first post about our November retreat at Mrs. Miller's Cabin, CLICK HERE!

As we all know, what happens at The Cabin Stays at The Cabin! 

Keep calm and quilt on!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was had.Congratulations on your finished quilt it looks awesome. Cheers Pauline

  2. Oh my … what a wonderful time you all had! Love the projects … congrats on your mystery quilt, it is beautiful! Hugs to all!

    1. Thank you. I was so happy to get it done!

  3. The light coming through the window makes Dana's quilt look like stained glass.
    We had a wonderful time.

    1. I didn't notice that - It does have a stained glass window look. Yes, we had a fabulous retreat and am looking forward to many more.

  4. Your Easy Street is beautiful. Love the way the gray border. Thanks for the compliment on my "Sparkling Sea Glass" aka Easy Street. Mona in Melbourne, FL

    1. Thank you! It was a challenging quilt, but worth the effort. I was just in your state, Fort Myers Florida, this past week and really enjoyed the nice weather. We visited The Quilt Lover's Hangout shop in Fort Myers. Fun! Take care and have fun quilting.