Monday, March 10, 2014

Sewy Zoe

What a fun weekend sewing with my nine year old granddaughter, Zoe.  She and I collaborated on a bag for her mom's birthday.  Zoe picked out the material and actually did most of the sewing on the bag; she helped me measure and stitched the quilting design.  She also sewed the side seams and the lining together.  Then she got to do the magic "pull the bag through the lining" part.  We had a productive day!

After the bag was finished, Zoe started to dillydally around with the scraps in Grandma's sewing room. I'm pretty sure she learned the art of dillydallying from visiting Mrs. Dillydally's Blog.

Zoe made a cloth bracelet, necklace and headband!  Very fun and creative!
  Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. Dear Zoe,
    I love your dillydally spirit and style! Your mother will adore the bag you've made for her. Gifts made with our hands and heart are always best! Learning to sew with your grandmother must be such fun! You're learning something that you'll be able to do and enjoy your entire life! Hugs to you and your grandmother! Flicka says hi!