Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring QBee Day

Oh joy!  Last Saturday I drove down south for a QBee day at Miss Carol's of Sweet Peas and Possum Blog!  I think the last time I had a QBee day was in January.  It has been too long and I miss my quilting friends and all the fun we have with our projects.

We started off with a show and tell.  I brought my 007 project.  NO pictures yet!  

Miss Carol had Easy Street all quilted and ready for me to take home.  Woo Hoo!  I was thrilled and love the quilting pattern she used.  I forgot the name of it, maybe "Cascade."  Miss Carol, is that correct?  Anyhow it is gorgeous!!

Miss Carol has also been going "bananas" with an I-Spy quilt - It is just too cute!

Mama Barb was working on a snowflake quilt.  After this long winter, I'm not sure I would want to sew around snowflakes right now.  Nevertheless, she is on a mission, cutting out lacy shapes and sewing the flakes on the background using the raw-edge applique technique.  It is very cool!  Pardon the pun.

Maverick Stars from Scraps

Miss Carol was also working on using up little triangles left over from her other quilts.  The free pattern for Maverick Stars is on Bonnie Hunter's Blog:  CLICK HERE FOR THE PATTERN

I like them!  I never thought to save those leftover triangle scraps before, but now, of course, I have to do just that.  Oh, goodie!!  More scraps for my collection/stash.  We never seem to run out of ideas or projects.

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt

Miss Carol also finished a "Disappearing Pinwheel" quilt for a new little girl.  Isn't it adorable?  The border really sets it off!  You can find this pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. on You Tube.  HERE IS THE LINK

This is the backing for the Disappearing Pinwheel.  Sweet!

Enders and Leaders Happy Scrappy I-Spy

Say that three times fast!  Here is a baby or toddler quilt that I worked on at QBee day:

Looking back at our different projects, it never ceases to amaze me; especially since visiting Paducah, of the diversity among quilts and quilters.  It is, in my opinion, the very best time in the world to be a quilter!  We have patterns and fabrics at our fingertips; we have tutorials and great workshops, and best of all we have our quilting buddies! 

 Have fun and quilt on!  


  1. Wonderful post Gladys! I have the disappearing pinwheel quilt quilted with a meandering heart design, the binding is sewn on, now to get it hand turned and sent to Chicago to Little Lucy Elaine! I told Keegan I was going to be the Grand Aunt In Law! :)

    1. Lucy Elaine, what a beautiful name! She will love her new quilt from her "Grand Aunt in Law."

  2. Oh … how I love seeing all the projects! My Ohio QBees are sew inspiring! Hugs!