Saturday, June 7, 2014

June QBee Day at Sweet Peas and Possum Studio

Okay, I'm out of the cemetery, for now, and back to blogging about quilting.  On Thursday, it was open sew day at Miss Carol's studio in Plainfield.  I love the scenery at this time of year and it was a beautiful early summer day.  Here are some of our projects.  Enjoy:
Miss Carol and Barbie looking at the backing for Barbie's snow flake quilt.  It's just stunning!

Look what is right next door to Miss Carol's studio!  A cemetery!!  Oh My!

Right across the street - a cornfield.  Isn't it a lovely day?

Miss Carol's studio - I love being here!

A Quilt of Valor made by Miss Carol.

Mama Barb figuring out applique by using a window

Miss Carol's project of the day!  So 3-dimensional.  Nice effect just using HST (Half Square Triangles)
Have to run!  On my way to a Rah Rah Retreat this weekend down in Amish country.  We are doing a mystery quilt and of course I'll blog all about it soon.  HAPPY SUMMER QUILTING!


  1. You Ohio QBees are sew inspiring! I appreciate your talents and dream of joining you some day in Carol's studio! Hugs!

  2. Mrs. DillyDally, we dream of you visiting us too! Now that you are retired......just saying :)
    We have a lot of fun and enjoy each other company, but you know what friendships are all about. I just read your beautiful post!