Monday, August 25, 2014

Salsa Time Again!

Today, a good part of my day was spent in the kitchen making salsa.  It's a perfect 82 degrees outside and I could have been sitting on the front porch sewing the binding on my Scrappy Enders and Leaders quilt.  However, when the vegetables are ripe, you have to make the salsa.

Keeping it simple, I quilted this scrappy 4-patch by sewing diagonally across the blocks and am pleased with the results.  Just have to finish the binding!  This will be used for a future little girl baby quilt:

I now have "three" quilts that need binding.  I had a dream the other night that I gave a quilt as a gift and at the last minute noticed that the binding was NOT sewn on.  It was terrible and seemed very real!!  I guess that means I am feeling guilty about my UFOs and need to get busy turning binding.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen.  Last night I canned nine quarts of refrigerator dill pickles and today eight pints of salsa.  It's fun to see the jars lined up and hear the ping of the lids as they seal.  The recipes for the dill pickles and salsa are on my blog.  Click on the links directly below "Featured Posts," especially if you are over-run with cucumbers and tomatoes.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend some time on the porch sewing binding unless my son happens to bring over sweet corn, in which case, I'd be back in the kitchen.  

As everyone is fond of saying:  "Keep calm and quilt or can on!"

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  1. Absolutely love the quilt! And wish we could sit together on your porch and share chips with your salsa! What a wonderful way to dillydally!