Thursday, November 20, 2014

November QBee Day

 “Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.” - Unknown

It makes me happy to spend a Saturday with my QBee friends, my daughter Earlene and a new QBee friend, Julie.  If you think it is a bit crazy to drive a hundred miles to Miss Carol's Studio to quilt with this zany, happy group of quilters, you are wrong.  It is well worth the trip!  I'll let the pictures tell you more about the day:

Miss Carol remodeled her studio, added a wall and now we can sit in a circle and gab more, I mean work more!  I like the new set up!
Miss Carol is preparing a block for a new class.
Julie, our new QBee, is working on a blue jean, memory quilt.  

Earlene is concentrating on cutting material.  

With some expert help from Carol, Earlene completes her first block for a new quilt.  So pretty!  Nice work, Earlene!
Barbie is busy with Christmas projects!  
Barbie sewed me up a pair of snuggy slippers because my feet are always cold.  I love them!
As you can tell, Gus is not interested.

We all agreed that the day went way too quickly, as creative days tend to do.  As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I cannot help but be thankful for these special moments of creativity, fun and laughter.   I am doing what makes me happy!


  1. As always ... you all have fun and inspire us!

  2. Awe! This is a lovely post. We do enjoy our days together. I hope Earlene and Julie join us as often as they can!