Sunday, January 25, 2015

First Quilt of the New Year

I'm honestly a very slow quilter and every time I complete a quilt, I'm a little amazed.  Now, this January I have one quilt totally finished.  Of course, I started it last winter, but I'm not going to mention that.  I finally finished my "Falling Charms Winter Quilt" and delivered it to a special neighbor.  She was thrilled and that's what matters.  I found the pattern on Missouri Star Quilt and if you are interested in the pattern, CLICK HERE.  It's a fun, easy and quick (for some people) quilt.
A fellow quilter from the Streetsboro Quilt Guild, Shari, did the machine quilting and I was very pleased with the pattern and the quality of her work.  The spiral quilting gives the quilt a sense of movement.  Here is a close up the quilting.

If you remember, last January I made a goals list for quilting.  I put 10 quilts on the list and did complete six.  Not too bad for a pokey quilter.

I have been in the basement pressing and sorting material for the New Year.  It's a great way to stay warm on a cold winters day - hot iron in hand.

Stay warm and happy winter quilting!!

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