Friday, February 12, 2016

First Quilt Done

What a great way to spend a Saturday; helping a new quilter and friend finish her first quilt.  Jen has the quilting bug, and does great piecing blocks, but now she is ready to sandwich, pin and quilt her baby quilt, so I offered my help.  It was fun to lay out and pin the layers together, especially with her cat supervising the whole process.

 Now I know how Mrs DillyDally feels when Flicka is supervising the quilting activities.  Take the time to visit Dilly-Dally Days and see what is new with Flicka and the Iceworm Festival in Alaska.
The inspector says it looks like the pins are evenly spaced!

As supervisor, Merlin wants to stay warm on the job!

The quilt is almost done except for turning the binding.  Jen is a quick learner and we had a productive day!  Lovely quilt!
The end of the project is near!

This picture is for you Barbie.  Jen wanted you to see the beautiful cherry tomatoes that she has framed on her kitchen wall!  
"You begin with the possibilities of the material." ~ Robert Rauschenberg


  1. There's nothing like sharing the love of quilting with friends. Great first quilt.

  2. Oh how fun! This post reflects everything that is wonderful about quilting! Friendship, kitty helpers and learning! What a wonderful way to dillydally!