Sunday, January 29, 2017

20 Jobs, A Memoir - My New Book

Greetings to all my friends on Facebook and in the blogger world.  I mentioned in my last post that didn't keep up on my Blog because I was busy with another project.  Now I am ready to reveal the project - I wrote a memoir!  It didn't happen overnight, it actually took almost four years.  I've been writing it since I retired.  It is now available on Amazon and I will be sending that link to all my Facebook friends today.

As a new author, I have mixed emotions about sending my book,(Title is the Link to the Book on Amazon) 20 Jobs: A Memoir  out into the world.  Just like in quilting, when you enter a quilt in a show, you are putting your work out to be valued or judged and there is a certain anxiety about that.  

When you read the book, and I hope you will, you will find out why I chose to write my life story using my jobs  as a main focus throughout my life.  The introduction, "Beginnings," should explain my thoughts behind that.  Then each chapter focuses on one job at a time starting when I was a teen.  

Whenever I tell anyone the name of my book, they ask if I really had 20 paying jobs.  The answer is "Unfortunately,  yes."  Then they start counting how many jobs they've had or begin telling me about their first job they ever had.  This pleases me because it shows that my book opens up a conversation that leads to sharing stories.  When I think about it, that was my main reason for writing this book.  I wanted to tell my stories.  Along with that I hope that it encourages others to tell their stories.  

I will continue blogging about quilting and hope that now I will now have more time to post quilt news. Still, I do plan to keep writing. 

Thank you for all your continued support of my blog and I hope you will read and enjoy my first book.  

“The next thing most like living one’s life over again seems to be a recollection of that life, and to make that recollection as durable as possible by putting it down in writing"

~Benjamin Franklin 


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    1. I'm excited too! I have author jitters and I can't sit still today. I keep pacing around and then checking Facebook.