Friday, February 12, 2016

First Quilt Done

What a great way to spend a Saturday; helping a new quilter and friend finish her first quilt.  Jen has the quilting bug, and does great piecing blocks, but now she is ready to sandwich, pin and quilt her baby quilt, so I offered my help.  It was fun to lay out and pin the layers together, especially with her cat supervising the whole process.

 Now I know how Mrs DillyDally feels when Flicka is supervising the quilting activities.  Take the time to visit Dilly-Dally Days and see what is new with Flicka and the Iceworm Festival in Alaska.
The inspector says it looks like the pins are evenly spaced!

As supervisor, Merlin wants to stay warm on the job!

The quilt is almost done except for turning the binding.  Jen is a quick learner and we had a productive day!  Lovely quilt!
The end of the project is near!

This picture is for you Barbie.  Jen wanted you to see the beautiful cherry tomatoes that she has framed on her kitchen wall!  
"You begin with the possibilities of the material." ~ Robert Rauschenberg

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Starting the New Year at Mrs. Miller's Cabin

Let the quilting fun begin for 2016!  What better way to start than by spending a weekend at Mrs. Miller's Cabin in Charm.  This winter in Ohio has been mild thanks to El Nino, but you never know when a change is on the way.  After the holidays, I was ready for a change of pace and a fun, wacky weekend with my quilting buddies.  What better place to go than "the Cabin."

The Quilt Shop is within walking distance

This is where we spent lots of time eating and "gabbing"

There are still oil lamps from the time Mrs. Miller lived the Amish life style in her lovely cabin

The Living Room becomes our sewing room 

Barb (daughter on right) pieced this lovely top during the retreat.  We all agreed that it looked like spring.

Debbie was piecing her Kansas Troubles.  She loves that material!

Jackie was working with her favorite batiks

Mama Barb was having fun quilting UFO Baby disappearing 4-patch quilts.

Carol was stringing her quilt together . . . 

Look at what Carol made with left over string scraps . . . another start to an awesome quilt!

Jackie felt ten feet tall after completing her Falling Charms Batik Quilt!

I loved seeing this quilt that was on the bed in the cabin, because I actually have the material to make it.  I better get busy!  It's stunning!

Driving back north to Kent on Sunday, I ran into snow in Canton and Akron.  Luckily the roads stayed clear and I made it home before the lake effect snow machine kicked in - happy to see the garage door open and waiting.  

How fortunate I am to have the opportunity to spend quality time with good friends and do something I love - quilt and "gab."  

"If we all did the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." ~ Thomas Edison

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Dover Ohio Quilt Show

Did someone say "Quilt Show"?  I'm there!
A perfect fall day to head south to Dover, Ohio

What an inviting entrance display!

Bed Turning: Every quilt has a story

The main idea of a bed turning is to show off a quilt on a bed and tell the story behind the quilt.  The owner of each quilt writes the story and a narrator tells the story as each quilt is turned up on the bed.  Who doesn't love a good story!  It was charming.  
Barbie's 100 Flower quilt was in the bed turning! 

Quilts on Display

I always enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts and admiring the skills and talents of quilters.  They put their hearts into each stitch - that is apparent!

Barbie entered her "Snake River" Quilt

I was at this fun class!  Loved it!

This one is for you, Michelle!

Hope you enjoyed the show.  Thanks for stopping by my blog! 

"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Sew Deja Vu Retreat at Bertram Inn

Definition of Retreat:  A place of refuge, seclusion or privacy.  

I'm not sure if that definition fits our "quilting retreat," but it gives you something to think about.

Bertram Inn Retreat

The staff at Sew Deja Vu in Stow, Ohio offers a wonderful retreat each year.  Last year it was at Mohican Lake, but this year it was closer to home for me at the Bertram Inn in Aurora.  I packed up my little car and headed north and was there in half an hour - Yea, more time to sew.  The food was excellent and we had a hospitality room for treats.  The Sew Deja Vu ladies worked hard to make sure everyone had a good time.  There were fun prizes, a drawing for a sewing table and a "Special Punch" to keep us powered up!  This is one of my favorite retreats!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SEW DEJA VU WEBSITE.

We plugged in all our power strips for sewing machines, irons and lights.  Luckily we only fried one plug that I know of.  They probably had to build a sub-station at the local power plant - hee hee.
Our room was buzzing!

Quilting Projects:

Below are some sample pictures of the projects from our talented quilters.

Barbie and her "Trip Around the World" Quilt.  Love those blues!

I finished my "Norwegian Woods" quilt.  I picked this kit up in Paducah at Hancocks because the squirrels caught my eye.  

Sister Charlotte always spices up our retreats with her humor.  

Shy quilter showing her gorgeous quilt!

Another shy quilter.  Look at this beautiful star quilt done in Christmas material.  Love it!

I met a new friend named "Barb."  

Ladies from my guild were working on "Swoon Blocks"

Sally finished this stunning sampler quilt.  

Adorable stuffed Kittens!  Big bows or angel wings?  Could be either.

This is going to be a bag for the lucky lady on the right. 

These fun ladies traveled all the way from Southern Ohio and West Virginia.  I had fun visiting with them when I cut material!

Another shy quilter with her fabulous twisted bargello quilt.  It's stunning!

Sew pretty!

Special purses that will be for sale at the "Craft Shoppe during the craft show at the Quirk Cultural Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on November 7th - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm 

Felice Troutman

I was walking around looking at different projects and was pleased to find a designer at our retreat.  Felice Troutman creates her own quilts using wool and cotton applique designs.  She will be teaching her technique at Punderson Manor Lodge in Newbury, ohio on April 15, 16, and 17 of 2016.  Go to for more information about Felice and her upcoming classes.

Felice is working on a beautiful poppy block.  the picture doesn't do it justice.  Very artistic!

Hand quilting is still in fashion!  The white on white really shows off the design.

Seeing double for Christmas quilts!

Free motion quilting with a Janome cousin to "Her Majesty" - Mrs. Dilly Dally's Machine - Click Here to visit her fun Blog inAlaska!

Fancy Table Topper!  This was Dana's first retreat!  Judging from her bright smile, I'm sure she had fun.

Jen finished her star quilt.  This was her first retreat too.  The ladies loved this bright pattern.  Beautiful!

Another retreat has come and gone.  Blogging about it and looking back helps me keep these fun memories alive for me and I hope it will do the same for you.  

Happy Fall Quilting!