Sunday, January 25, 2015

First Quilt of the New Year

I'm honestly a very slow quilter and every time I complete a quilt, I'm a little amazed.  Now, this January I have one quilt totally finished.  Of course, I started it last winter, but I'm not going to mention that.  I finally finished my "Falling Charms Winter Quilt" and delivered it to a special neighbor.  She was thrilled and that's what matters.  I found the pattern on Missouri Star Quilt and if you are interested in the pattern, CLICK HERE.  It's a fun, easy and quick (for some people) quilt.
A fellow quilter from the Streetsboro Quilt Guild, Shari, did the machine quilting and I was very pleased with the pattern and the quality of her work.  The spiral quilting gives the quilt a sense of movement.  Here is a close up the quilting.

If you remember, last January I made a goals list for quilting.  I put 10 quilts on the list and did complete six.  Not too bad for a pokey quilter.

I have been in the basement pressing and sorting material for the New Year.  It's a great way to stay warm on a cold winters day - hot iron in hand.

Stay warm and happy winter quilting!!
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Raclette /rəˈklɛt/ New Year's Eve

Instead of a "Rockin" New Year's Eve, I had a "Raclette New Year's Eve."  My niece Heather and her friend from Germany, Steffi, provided the Raclette cheese and grills for us to use to celebrate the new year German style.  Steffi brought the cheese back from Germany.  Here is how it goes.  Before the meal, beef, chicken, kielbasi, peppers, mushrooms, onion, potatoes, cauliflower and other vegetables are cut up and put in separate dishes.  The grills are set on the table and each person gets to cook their own meat and vegetables.  The Raclette cheese is melted in wedge-shaped coupelles that are placed under the grill to melt and brown the cheese; the top gets all bubbly. The coupelles are non-stick, so the cheese slides right off onto your meal.  

It was really fun to try this German tradition.  Delicious!

Check out this information on Raclette in Wikipedia  CLICK HERE

Raclette Cheese all the way from Germany

A big thanks to my sister-in-law, Michelle.  She worked hard to prepare the food for our meal and make the night special.

Thank you, Steffi, for sharing your German New Year's tradition with us!

My Mr. Potato Nose creation



Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mrs. Miller's Cabin 2014

Sadly, I have been neglecting my blog this past month.  I don't have any real excuses, just taking some down time during the holidays.  I really do enjoy writing in my blog and connecting with other bloggers, so I promise to do better in the New Year.


Retreat at Mrs. Miller's Cabin in November

In November, 2014, we had our retreat at Mrs. Miller's Cabin and Miss Carol blogged about that on her blog, Sweet Peas and Possum.  Check out the link for more details.  Here are a few picture memories to go along with Carol's blog:

There was snow in November, but it was gone by December. 

My retreat project:  Snowball Snowman Quilt and Backing 

Saying goodbye to 2014

We all tend to get a bit nostalgic at this time of year and look back at 2014 and wonder, first of all, why it went so fast, and second of all what did we accomplish.  I had set some quilting goals at the beginning of the year, so I looked back at that blog to see how I did.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST.  I'm pleased to report that I did finish "five" out of ten of the quilts that I planned.  I could say six if I count the last one which was "my choice."

#6 Black and White Jelly Roll Quilt
#1 Maple Leaf Log Cabin Wedding Quilt
#2 Nursery Rhyme Time Quilt
#4 Pokey Little Puppy Quilt

#7 Enders and Leaders Scrappy Quilt

I'm going to count the "Snowman Snowball Quilt" as the sixth one.  That gives me a 60% success rate for my quilting goals that I set last January.  Not too bad for a slow quilter like me.  I did have the best time quilting and gabbing with all my QBee friends.  That is really an important part of quilting, the camaraderie and the collaboration.

My New Year's Resolution for tonight is to enjoy the rest of the year and start fresh in 2015.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

November QBee Day

 “Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.” - Unknown

It makes me happy to spend a Saturday with my QBee friends, my daughter Earlene and a new QBee friend, Julie.  If you think it is a bit crazy to drive a hundred miles to Miss Carol's Studio to quilt with this zany, happy group of quilters, you are wrong.  It is well worth the trip!  I'll let the pictures tell you more about the day:

Miss Carol remodeled her studio, added a wall and now we can sit in a circle and gab more, I mean work more!  I like the new set up!
Miss Carol is preparing a block for a new class.
Julie, our new QBee, is working on a blue jean, memory quilt.  

Earlene is concentrating on cutting material.  

With some expert help from Carol, Earlene completes her first block for a new quilt.  So pretty!  Nice work, Earlene!
Barbie is busy with Christmas projects!  
Barbie sewed me up a pair of snuggy slippers because my feet are always cold.  I love them!
As you can tell, Gus is not interested.

We all agreed that the day went way too quickly, as creative days tend to do.  As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I cannot help but be thankful for these special moments of creativity, fun and laughter.   I am doing what makes me happy!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Black and White Jelly Roll Quilt - DONE

It's such a satisfying feeling to finally get a UFO Quilt finished, especially when it is designed with someone special in mind.  Last year in November at Mrs. Miller's Cabin, I started a Jelly Roll Quilt for my dear, old friend Jan.  Well she is not really old since she is my age, so let's rephrase that to "life-long friend" since high school.

Here is the beginning of the jelly roll quilt - That's it on the floor!  It doesn't look like much yet.

Speaking of beginnings, here is a picture of Jan and me when we graduated from good old Bedford High School.  Yes, that is the same high school that Halle Berry graduated from.  I had to dig into the archives for this picture - by the way, it's amazing, but we look exactly the same!

A year flies by, and I finally finish the quilt.  My tall son Adam held it up for a picture and I  packed it up and shipped it off to Florida where Jan is now living - lucky girl!
Here it is in Florida.  Jan said that she and Gypsy both love the quilt.  I think the quilt is perfect for Gypsy and Jan!

"You can always tell when two people are best friends because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having." ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Ohio Amish Shop Hop

This is my second year of participating in an "official" Amish Shop Hop where you can enter to win prizes after you get your card stamped at all 10 shops.  A big thanks to by two ambitious friends, Kathy and Lynn, who planned the trip and did the driving.  They made it easy for me to tag along and enjoy the ride.  It was an awesome day!

We managed to visit 10 shops in one day by starting out at 7:00 a.m. and driving to the farthest shop first; Mercantile on Main in Coshocton.  We were there when they opened.  Then we worked our way back up toward Akron visiting all the other shops with a stop off for lunch at Floyd and Wurthmanns in Berlin.   
List of Shops and Phone Numbers on the Shop Hop
If you don't understand how a shop hop works, which I did not until last year, each shop has a block pattern that is free or a block pattern and material which is usually $5.00.

This year the blocks were more, $6.50 because there was enough material with each block pattern to make "two blocks."  So that was a deal!  Then each shop designs a quilt using these blocks and sells the setting kit pattern and material if you are interested.  Prices usually range from $100 to $150 for the setting kit.

I bought a setting kit last year, but still have not started it.  Needless to say, I thought it best not to buy another one this year.  However, I still bought the ten blocks and patterns.  Here is the card with the different quilts designed by each shop:

Looking at the printed material, at first Kathy, Lynn and I thought it was a thirties material.  But after talking to shop owners, we were told that it is considered more of a modern print.  The material line is April Showers by Moda - very bright and pretty.  The shops did a wonderful job designing their quilts using this fabric.

Now I have enough shop hop blocks to challenge my brain and keep me busy all winter.  The bright colors will certainly cheer me up as the days will get shorter and colder here in northeastern Ohio!  Brrrr . . .

After a shop hop, it will be time for a "Blog Hop."  It's in the planning stage!  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sew Deja Vu Quilting Retreat at Mohican Lodge

"When autumn darkness falls, what we will remember are the small acts of kindness: a cake, a hug, an invitation to talk, and every single rose.  These are the expressions of a nation coming together and caring about its people ~ Jens Stoltenberg
What I will remember is the autumn weekend in October, 2014, and the gathering of quilters from all parts of Ohio at Mohican Lodge and Conference Center for a quilt retreat sponsored by the lovely ladies of Sew Deja Vu in Stow.

Judy and Lynn of Sew Deja Vu

Sew Deja Vu picks out the best places for retreats and the weekend was full of laughter and fun, oh yes, and lots of food!  We were blessed with the best weather; bright sunny days and crispy nights.  My side-kick Barbie and I enjoyed a walk by Pleasant Hill Lake.

After getting some fresh air, we were ready to sew.  A quilt retreat is like a huge classroom full of teachers and students all interacting and sharing ideas, creativity, quilt techniques and stories.  It is the epitome of how learning should be for everyone.  I have always met the nicest people at retreats.  They inspire me to try new things and not be afraid to make mistakes.  I need those lessons!
Pineapple Block using Civil War prints.   I love this pattern.

Christmas Table Runner!  Beautiful!

A Quilt of Valor!

Mary inspired me with her awesome T-shirt quilt to not be afraid of free-motion quilting.  Just do it!!

Yes, Barbie is finishing yet another snow man quilt.  She did a great job quilting this on her machine!
This Hunter's Star Quilt is fabulous!

Disappearing 4-Patch:

Here is a fun technique that I learned at our retreat. You might already know about it, but it was new to me.  Kerry took the time to make a block and show me how it's done.   Thank you so much!!  
First you pick out four 5" blocks and sew them together.  Next measure 1 and 1/4 inch from the center seam and cut.  Do this on each side.  A mat that rotates is helpful here.  I hope the picture shows this step for you.  Now comes the magic or the fun part.  (Do I sound like Jenny on Missouri Star Quilt?)  

Switch sides on the two bigger blocks and rotate the little four patch in the middle.  Again I hope the picture shows how this works.  Then, of course, you sew it back together.  
Kerry and her lovely Disappearing 4-Patch Quilt!
Sew inspired, Barbie and I bought material to make this pattern.  Oh, yes we could buy material right at the retreat.  Sew Deja Vu brought half the store with them for us to shop.  They are the best!

 Looking for a new sewing chair?  If you are, you can order this little beauty from Sew Deja vu.  I tried it out, and it was perfect.  Nice support for your back!  There are wheels on the legs and the seat opens up for storage.  It doesn't weigh a lot, so you can take it with you for classes or retreats.  I really like it!  
At the end of the day, Barbie and I wandered up to sit back in the rocking chairs by the fireplace.  

What a wonderful weekend!