Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Confession Musical - Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek

Looking for quality entertainment in Ohio Amish country?  I highly recommend the musical, The Confession now playing at the Carlisle Inn in Sugarcreek.  The show lasts through August 16.  After that show ends, Half Stitched, the Musical starts on August 22nd through December 20th.  These are high quality, professional performances and so up-lifting to your spirit.  Click Here for further information!

The theater is in the round, so you can't get a bad seat, plus the prices are reasonable.  Right next door you will find The Dutch Valley Restaurant and little shops.  You can make a day of it!

This is how the Qbee's roll!  
Qbee's Carol, Barb and Mama Barb
First things first - Lunch at Dutch Valley Restaurant!  Yummy!

Next Shopping!
 Last but not least, we enjoyed the marvelous acting and singing in The Confession.

What a blessing to have quality entertainment just a short drive away.  This post should help others plan a fun day in Amish Country.

POSTSCRIPT:  It's that time of year again.  I have posted the link for "Refrigerator Dill Pickles" in the sidebar under "Featured  Posts."  This recipe has become a family favorite in the summer.  It's a quick and easy way to use your garden cucumbers that are now coming into gardens in abundance.  Here is the link just in case you want to try your hand at making pickles.  It's really not difficult using this recipe.

Extra Hint:  I noticed that I didn't talk about washing the cucumbers in the original recipe.  I place the cucs in deep water and actually use a clean dish cloth to wipe them squeeky clean.  Pay special attention the ends of the cucumbers.  Hope this helps.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Market Knitting and Zoe's New Idea

Haymaker Farmers Market - Kent

How fortunate we are in Kent to have such a diverse little outdoor market to visit every Saturday morning.  It is like a neighborhood block party since you get to know all the vendors and are always running into someone you know.  It's one of the highlights of my week.

In case anyone is wondering, I am still attempting to knit a sock; I have not given up.  However, my sock has not grown much because every couple of rounds I run into a snag or a dropped stitch, or I'm going the wrong direction (4 needles) etc.  Thank goodness for the help, kindness and encouragement from my knitting mentor, Carol.  It amazes me how she can fix anything that I have messed up - at least in the knitting department.  Yesterday, Saturday, it was a lovely day to sit and knit and listen to the band, Rio Neon.  They were awesome!  Click Here to learn more about them!

Carol & Francis - Come to the market and they will help you learn to knit - Free!
Rio Neon

Flowers were everywhere at the market this week. 

Zoe's New Idea:

My granddaughter Zoe came up with some "nature" based activities this weekend.  One of her ideas was to make Potpourri from flowers and herbs that we have in our yards.  She picked a lot of different plants and we hung them up on the porch to dry.  Now we wait and see what happens!  

Next week is Zoe's birthday and she will be 10 - double digit!  What fun to have such a creative granddaughter.  

"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them."  ~ A. A. Milne

Friday, July 18, 2014

Barn Quilts and July QBee Day

We mostly think of barn quilts as large, painted quilt squares on the sides of real barns.  After a little research, I was surprised and pleased to learn that this idea originally started in Ohio.  Click Here for more information about barn quilts.

On our QBee day, Miss Carol showed us another type of barn quilt; a real quilt that she just finished up with a cross-hatch stitch for her client, Nancy.  Nancy did all the  embroidery on this quilt by hand and it is extraordinary!  Look at the borders how nicely they line up.  We all admired this quilt!  I don't know where she got the pattern, but if anyone is interested, I will ask.

We also had projects of our own to complete:
Miss Carol did a Christmas in July quilt.  

Barbie took a table runner class and made this sweet pansy design.  I love it!

Mary made a happy little octopus for her lucky granddaughter.  The legs are ribbons.

Miss Carol finished these blocks in one day.  She is a zippy sewer.  

Leftover triangles will be perfect for another Bonnie Hunter Maverick Stars Quilt.  It never ends.  
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and having fun in the sun.  

Monday, June 30, 2014

Knitting at the Kent Market

Knitting seems to be all the rage lately, especially if you follow Mrs. DillyDally's blog, which I do.  So, when the opportunity came up to learn to knit socks right at our little market in Kent, I grabbed four needles and some yarn.
A lovely lady with lots of patience, Carol, got me started with the casting on and needle management techniques.  I have knitted in the past, but only with two needles.  I needed a refresher course for sure.  It was fun sitting on the picnic bench, sipping good coffee and chatting with the market shoppers as I struggled with the needles - four seems like two too many. 
After awhile, Zoe and her dad, my son joined me to check on my progress.  The top of the sock was coming along very slowly - knit one, purl one, start with the fourth needle etc.
Zoe stood by our mural poem; she loves poetry and the market scones.

"Swiss Chard leaves
Wave like bright flags
In the breeze." 

The village smithy was at the market giving demonstrations on how a blacksmith works.  Fascinating and HOT!
It was an exciting morning at the market for sure.

Now I am on my own with the knitting and I already goofed it up.  I started knitting with three needles instead of adding in the fourth - DUH!  I have go go back to the market for "back up" lessons.  It is not as easy to fix a knitting mistake; not at all like picking out stitches in quilting.  I will catch on.  I just have think before I knit!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Plainfield Cemetery QBee Day

A summer sewing day at Miss Carol's of Sweet Peas and Possum is always an adventure.  On my recent visit, during the afternoon, I took a break to walk up with Carol into the little cemetery by her house.  If you read my recent blog posts, you will understand my new found interest in cemeteries.  She wanted to show me a tombstone that was very unique, maybe even one of a kind.
Here is the view of Carol's house and studio from the Plainfield Cemetery.  She really does have quiet neighbors.  Below is the tombstone that we walked up to see:
We decided that this gentleman really loved watching football on TV.  If you look closely you can see the knobs next to the TV screen and the planters are footballs.  Very original!

More Snowman Quilts:

Yes, Barbie was still working on snowmen.  If you do snowmen quilts in summer, you get winter quilts with bare feet.  

Miss Carol had a show and tell.  She made a pincushion from a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  So cute!  I love Hexies!
You can find the pattern for this hexagon pincushion at Quiltville.  CLICK HERE FOR A LINK

Happy Summer Quilting!

"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~ Henry James

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rah Rah Retreat in Berlin, Ohio

Amy Jones organized the retreat along with  Karen Maddox
Amy is from the Dover Ohio Guild.  
Quilters love retreats because we can sew, eat, and share ideas! This weekend two dedicated ladies, Amy and Karen, put together a  wonderful retreat at Zinck's Inn in Berlin.  There were about 27 ladies and one gentleman working on their projects . . . or on a mystery quilt!  As you may know, I love mystery quilts.

Barbie was busy working on her mystery quilt.  I, on the other hand, was busy taking pictures or visiting or eating.
Barbie busy working . . . my empty seat!

Strip Poker:

It's not all work!  We played strip poker and guess who won a big jackpot of strips?  Barbie!

Quilt Projects:

Ruth showed me her English Paper Piecing project.  I found out that I can learn how to do this project at one of our local quilt shops.   Her blocks are so lovely and creative!  

Monica is a fellow blogger!  Check out her blog at
monicam-day by day

Sherri, who shared our table, is Barbie's daughter's neighbor in Dover!  Small World!

Look at that border!  Awesome quilt!

These fishies are going to swim around the Nemo quilt below.

Judy is making this creative quilt for a granddaughter!  It turned out that Judy is a massage therapist!  During the retreat, Barbie and I had the best chair massage ever from Judy.  What a treat!

Teresa is a member of my quilt guild in Streetsboro.  I always enjoy visiting with her!

Mystery Revealed:

Not sure what the name of this mystery quilt really is, but I would call it a weaved fence.  I like it!  

All good things must come to an end:

The view from our retreat at Zinck's Inn in Berlin
"As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are.  Otherwise you will miss most of your life."  Buddha

Saturday, June 7, 2014

June QBee Day at Sweet Peas and Possum Studio

Okay, I'm out of the cemetery, for now, and back to blogging about quilting.  On Thursday, it was open sew day at Miss Carol's studio in Plainfield.  I love the scenery at this time of year and it was a beautiful early summer day.  Here are some of our projects.  Enjoy:
Miss Carol and Barbie looking at the backing for Barbie's snow flake quilt.  It's just stunning!

Look what is right next door to Miss Carol's studio!  A cemetery!!  Oh My!

Right across the street - a cornfield.  Isn't it a lovely day?

Miss Carol's studio - I love being here!

A Quilt of Valor made by Miss Carol.

Mama Barb figuring out applique by using a window

Miss Carol's project of the day!  So 3-dimensional.  Nice effect just using HST (Half Square Triangles)
Have to run!  On my way to a Rah Rah Retreat this weekend down in Amish country.  We are doing a mystery quilt and of course I'll blog all about it soon.  HAPPY SUMMER QUILTING!