Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nick's Quilt

Getting my grading finished for the end of the school year is seriously cutting into my blogging time.  Soon summer will be here and I'll have more time to quilt and blog, or get more into the famous dilly-dally lifestyle. I'm looking forward to that.  I finally sewed the label on Nick's Walk in the Woods quilt.  It's the first picture/picture label I ever did for a quilt and I'm very pleased with the results.  The picture is of Nick and me at Grandparent's Day in Nick's school.  He has been on the honor roll all year and earned straight A's on his last grade card.  The quilt is going to be his present for all his hard work in fourth grade.  
So pleased with the polka dot binding.   This was a fun quilt to make.
True story - I wrote Nick's name onto the quilt when I quilted it on the long arm machine, but now I can't find it.  I found it once, lost it and can't find it again.  I'll keep looking.

"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."
~ Leo Buscaglia

Friday, May 11, 2012

Design Wall and Baseball

Barbie made me a 20-minute table runner for my birthday.  I love the spring colors.  They brighten up my little kitchen and make me happy!  

As the days get sunnier, I get more anxious for summer break.  As you know, I work as an online teacher and am really ready for June to arrive so I can get off the computer and on to the sewing machine - or the front porch.  My office is in the basement and recently I moved some furniture around and created space for a cutting table and my first design wall - Woo Hoo!  Now half the room is for quilting and half for work.  I can sit at my computer and view the latest quilt.  In this case it is the prayer quilt that  I'm hoping to get finished soon!  I used the heat and bond for the hearts and then did a machine zigzag around them.  I'm not fond of hand applique, so this worked well for me.
The basement does not have good overhead lighting, so I depend on directional lamps for now.  In the future, I hope to get that fixed.  There are a couple of small windows, but they do not provide enough light for quilting.
Don't mind the mess - it's a work in progress!
Looking ahead, my summer quilt projects will be an I-Spy quilt for my granddaughter Zoe, a quilt for my other granddaughter, Toria and a Zippy Zippy ZigZag class with Miss Carol of Sweet Peas and Possum in June.

Speaking of Zoe, here she is ready for a baseball game.  Usually she is all girl, but last Sunday at her cousin Jordan's birthday party, she dressed for sport - in pink of course . . . Hey, batter, batter . . .
The weather was warm, so the boys were doing the water thing.  Zoe was the only girl that day, but she still had fun playing baseball with her dad and grandma, until grandma fell in a hole and twisted her ankle, ouch!!  Don't run in sandals! (no picture needed for that incident!)
As you see, Zoe was out numbered eight to one - six of the boys are my grandsons.  Water balloons were flying everywhere.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Double T Quilt Club

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a lovely, little quilt show that was at the Cuyahoga Falls Library put on by the Double T Quilt Club.  The ladies in charge of show were so friendly and helpful that I was ready to join the club before I left.
Arrye Rosser                         Patricia Cook

The quilts were displayed so nicely!
Their flyer gave information about the club:
The Double T Quilt Club was founded in 1979 by a small group of friends who wanted to meet for a social evening to quilt and talk.  Since then the club has grown in size but the goal has remained the same: sharing needlework and fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere 
Our name, Double T, is represented by a quilt block with four T's.  They stand for Thread, Thimble, and Third Thursday.  We have planned programs each month at our meeting, challenges each year, and several workshops taught by local instructors.  We also participate in service projects to help those in need.  Every other year, we hold a quilt show at Taylor Memorial Library, where our members display items they have completed in the past two years.

(Doesn't this sound like a great club to join?!!)  If anyone in the Cuyahoga Falls area is interested in contact information, please let me know.

Click on any picture to enlarge and see quilt detail!
The ladies from the Double T have been busy sewing.  Enjoy the Quilt Show! 


What a great way to spend a Saturday, meeting new quilting friends and looking at gorgeous quilts.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Liebster Award - Heartfelt Thanks!

Thank you so much, Mrs. Dilly Dally!  I am very honored that you chose my little blog for this Liebster award.  As you well know, blogging is new to me, so I had to take some time to explore new blogs to pass on this honor.  I found so many wonderful blogs that it was difficult to pick, but the five below were my favorites.  I think others will enjoy exploring them too!

This award is an avenue by which small bloggers (under 200 followers) can recognize and show appreciation for one another.  I understand that it began in Germany and that "liebster" means favorite or dearest. 

There are rules that come with this award ... 
  1. Thank the blogger that presented you with this award!  Mrs. Dilly Dally has my heart-felt thanks for choosing my blog
  2. Link back to the blogger that awarded you!  Be sure to visit Mrs. Dilly Dally, check on her latest adventures and meet Flicka, the sewing room supervisor.
  3. Copy and paste the blog award to your blog.  
  4. Reveal your five blog nominees, each with fewer than 200 followers.  This is the most difficult rule.  I agree, but I too love the idea of passing kindness on to others ... just tough to choose five.
  5. Let them know you've chosen them!  Easy squeezy ... love to bring others good news!
Here are the five blogs that I feel are worthy of this Liebster Award:

Please take the time to visit the blogs above and you will see why I chose them!!