Friday, May 11, 2012

Design Wall and Baseball

Barbie made me a 20-minute table runner for my birthday.  I love the spring colors.  They brighten up my little kitchen and make me happy!  

As the days get sunnier, I get more anxious for summer break.  As you know, I work as an online teacher and am really ready for June to arrive so I can get off the computer and on to the sewing machine - or the front porch.  My office is in the basement and recently I moved some furniture around and created space for a cutting table and my first design wall - Woo Hoo!  Now half the room is for quilting and half for work.  I can sit at my computer and view the latest quilt.  In this case it is the prayer quilt that  I'm hoping to get finished soon!  I used the heat and bond for the hearts and then did a machine zigzag around them.  I'm not fond of hand applique, so this worked well for me.
The basement does not have good overhead lighting, so I depend on directional lamps for now.  In the future, I hope to get that fixed.  There are a couple of small windows, but they do not provide enough light for quilting.
Don't mind the mess - it's a work in progress!
Looking ahead, my summer quilt projects will be an I-Spy quilt for my granddaughter Zoe, a quilt for my other granddaughter, Toria and a Zippy Zippy ZigZag class with Miss Carol of Sweet Peas and Possum in June.

Speaking of Zoe, here she is ready for a baseball game.  Usually she is all girl, but last Sunday at her cousin Jordan's birthday party, she dressed for sport - in pink of course . . . Hey, batter, batter . . .
The weather was warm, so the boys were doing the water thing.  Zoe was the only girl that day, but she still had fun playing baseball with her dad and grandma, until grandma fell in a hole and twisted her ankle, ouch!!  Don't run in sandals! (no picture needed for that incident!)
As you see, Zoe was out numbered eight to one - six of the boys are my grandsons.  Water balloons were flying everywhere.

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  1. The table runner looks great! I am so happy you have redesignated some of your space in the basement. Doesn't it make you feel good to look over and see your latest project? I am so looking forward to seeing you in June! I have a wonderful quilt for you and your granddaughters to make. Follow the links on my blog. I love seeing all your grandsons, boys will be boys...and of course Zoe! Take care.