Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farmpark Quilt Show, Kirkland, OH

In early March, my sister-in-law Michelle and I went to Metroparks Farmpark Quilt Show in Kirkland.  It was a nice 40 minute ride straight north.  This show was perfect, lots of quilts, but not too many.  Here is a LINK to the show.  They had some amazing picture quilts made by Cynthia England.

My favorite quilt was made by a local family in Garrettsville for an 80th birthday.  I used to live close to Garrettsville and went to their family mill many times for chicken feed.  We always called Garrettsville, Mayberry - one main street and everyone knows who you are.

My best buy at the show was a used quilt rack.  I'll send a picture later.  Speaking of best buys, our quilter's garage sale is this Saturday and can't wait to see what treasures we find.  My best friend Barbie will be coming up from Port Washington for the sale.

I wasn't sure if I could display quilt pictures from shows on my blog, but read the rules and it said as long as I included the quilt information and what show it was displayed at, then it was legal.  I hope you enjoy seeing this unique quilt.

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