Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Quilts Revealed

Toria's Double Slice Layer Cake, Pink Dazzle Quilt

What a pleasure to see the big smile on my granddaughter Toria's face when she received her Christmas quilt.  Her exact words were "This is just what I wanted"!  My daughter says that she cuddles up under it every night.  ♥

When I started making this Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt with the Pink Dazzle fabric, I thought "Whoa, this is wild,"  (Click Here for Link to former post) But now that it is all together and quilted, I see that it fits a pre-teen perfectly.  Miss Carol from Sweet Peas and Possum did a great job machine quilting an over all swirly pattern that goes so well with the modern style of this quilt.

Jane's Magnolia Quilt

My other mystery Christmas quilt was a Magnolia Flower Quilt for my younger sister Jane. (She insists I say "younger" ☺)  She was so surprised and her exact words were, "I never thought you would make me a quilt."  Oh, you of little faith, dear sister.  We grew up on Magnolia Street in Bedford, Ohio, so the name of the flower has some significance.  Those big flying geese were the same ones that gave me so much trouble at the Rural Thimble Amish Retreat (Click Here for that Post).

My Christmas wish for you Jane is that the quilt brings you joy.  ♥
Miss Carol from Sweet Peas and Possum quilted this too.  Lovely!

Leafy Batik Backing


  1. OMGosh Good Golly Gladys! What beautiful quilts ... what lovely gifts! They will be treasured forever! Very touching! Hugs!

  2. The quilts are beautiful and I can see why your granddaughter treasures hers

    Cheers Pauline