Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Old Creamery Fabrics and Quilting in Ellisburg, New York

Last week My sister Jane and I travelled to Tug Hill (Lowville area) in upstate New York for our family reunion.  It has been four years since we last attended and we were excited about seeing all our country relatives.  We arrived a day early, and what do you know, we found a quilt shop in Ellisburg, NY, thanks to my cousin Gertrude.  They had turned this old creamery into a quilt shop and it had a very quaint look outside.  Inside, we found lots of great fabric and a friendly welcome.  So friendly, my sister Jane almost bought fabric and she is not even a quilter (yet).  I'm working on that.

There was nice selection of Christmas fabrics and I found the perfect material for upcoming Christmas projects.

I purchased this traditional Santa and "happy" snowmen fabric along with a snowflake fabric.
"Snowman Christmas" by Edith Collection Creatif
Guess who might like this fabric?  Mama Barb with her 100 chickens.
"Countryside Inn" by RJR Fabrics
After visiting he quilt shop, we headed to Barnes Corners, or as my mom always called it, "up home" or "on the hill," to visit our cousin Sherry at Louis restaurant.  There, we found our favorite cheese, cheese curd.  It is delicious and I hear it goes well with beer.  I love, love this cheese!  If you are interested in trying this so called "squeeky" cheese, here is a website from Lewis County New York.

Left to right: My sister, Jane; cousin Sherry; my sister, Betty, and me

This picture taken in my cousin Sherry's yard reminded me of one of my favorite poems.  However, instead of chickens, she has horses, a peacock and a big, friendly Saint Bernard dog.

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white


  1. What a great trip! Thanks so much for sharing allows me to visit places I may never get to see! I love being able to tag along on your adventures!

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I'm hoping that someday we can share some adventures together. We would have so much fun!

  3. Very nice photos of the quilt shop. I got to see the fabrics in person! The snowman/santa one is beautiful. And the fantastic!!....and it squeeks!!
    See you Saturday!