Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Shaker Tree in Garrettsville/Mayberry

My friend Kathy and I took a short drive out to Garrettsville last week to visit The Shaker Tree quilt shop and have lunch.  Garrettsville reminds me of Mayberry - I can just picture Andy or Barney cruising down the main street looking for jay walkers.   I love the small town atmosphere and friendly people.

It was a quiet day at noon at the Silver Crik Saloon, but The Shaker Tree quilt shop was jumpin' with a large selection of fabric along with many other gift items to see and purchase.  It is well worth the visit.  Randy, the owner, was so nice and helpful.  

After the quilt shop we moseyed across the street to The Village Bookstore to browse the fabulous collection of new and used books.  They really have a wide selection of children's books.  I bought two books and Ellen, the owner, offered me a free book, so I chose an American cook book to add to my collection.  Fun!

Up the ramp to the back of the store you can find more items

Click on the link for The Shaker Tree to purchase a kit to make the flag in this picture

After shopping the streets of Mayberry, I mean Garrettsville, Kathy and I found a little outdoor patio where we enjoyed our lunch.  kathy even found a recipe for onion soup in my free cookbook.
After lunch, around the corner, we found this interesting little restaurant and old Harley Davidson motorcycle . . . 

It's always fun to explore little towns and see what might be around a corner.   I'll be sure to travel back soon to the little town of Garrettsville and visit The Shaker Tree and The Village Bookstore again.  It just makes me happy!


  1. What a wonderful dillydally day you two enjoyed! Lovely post! Wish I could join you! Hugs!

  2. I also love small towns and quaint shops! The quilt shop looks awesome!