Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Surprise Mail and Wolff's Blueberry Farm

Surprise Mail

My mail is usually full of ads, bills, or offers for Medicare plans.  Not much fun . . . until yesterday when a mysterious envelope appeared in the pile of junk mail.
Hummm . . . the address is from New Hampshire and the name is Victoria.  Ah-Ha!  That is Vic from Park Hill Farm Blog.  Suddenly, I'm excited to have real "snail mail."   What could this be?

I tore into it and found the best thing yet . . . material and a pattern!  Love it!!
Sweet Summer Blooms!

I really like this material; Vic knows I am fond of florals.  The pattern looks challenging.  It has applique', which I don't usually attempt; however, it is flowers and I am retired now.  It's time to expand my comfort zone and try this pattern.  Thank you so much for thinking of me, Vic.  You made my day happy!

Blueberry Picking

It has been 90 degrees for a couple of days now, but in spite of the heat, I decided to go blueberry picking - early.  I don't think Ohio is well known for blueberries, but we do have a nice little blueberry farm about 10 miles from my house where you can pick your own berries.  They give you a bucket with a bag inside and away you go.  You can walk and walk and pick and pick.  The nice thing about picking blueberries, besides eating them, is that you don't have to bend over.  The bushes are just the right height.  Then the berries are weighed and you are charged $1.80 per pound.  So you get a great price along with exercise, sunshine, and a belly full of blueberries.  
We are a family-owned business that started planting in 1972. There are over 5000 plants representing 4 blueberry varieties on our 8-acres farm.
Our blueberries are: Bluecrop, Colbalt, Jersey and Blueray. "
Don't you just adore the blueberry house?

There are many more berries to ripen 

"As long as there's a few farmers out there, we'll keep fighting for them." ~ Willie Nelson


  1. Blueberry picking! What fun! Great that you are supporting local farmers too! Have fun with your fabric and pattern as well!

  2. We have done that in Florida! I never knew blueberries grew down there - thought they only grew in cooler areas. Yum!

    1. Hi Ruth, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's funny you should mention that about blueberries in the South. I just read an article online that said blueberries have now beat out peaches as the top crop from Georgia. Who knew! I am so lucky to have such wonderful local produce.