Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Columbus Shop Hop

I am really late posting about our super shop hop to Columbus.  Luckily, Carol from Sweet Peas and Possum covered it well on her blog with descriptions about each shop and lots of pictures.  We had so much fun that we are planning to do a shop hop again in the future.  Here are some highlights of the first day.

Bunny's Sew Fine Fabrics:  

Loved the cozy feel of the shopping in this little house.  There were rooms full of fabric and some great sales!

Quilt Trends Link:

Our next shop had a more modern feel, but lots of sample quilts.  I loved this place too!

The Glass Thimble Link: 

Our adventures continue at the next shop.  We were fortunate to have a comfy couch here since we had to wait for Triple A to come and unlock the car for us.  See post from Sweet Peas and Possum!  However, we never complain if we are stuck at a quilt shop!  Happy Accident!

Quilt Beginnings Link:

On to our next, and last shop of the day before happy hour.  We enjoyed shopping in Dublin in Quilt Beginnings.  They had an awesome collection of fabrics and a large classroom.  I was excited to learn that Bonny Hunter taught a workshop here!  Someday, I will attend a workshop with Bonny.  It's on my bucket list.

Happy Hour for the Shop Hoppers  

Barbie and I were really "happy."  This is what happens when two old friends get together.  Side-note:  None of us were driving!  We walked to this lovely little restaurant from our hotel.  We even had a designated walker. 


  1. Love it! What fun you all had! Thanks for sharing your version! I enjoyed Carol's posts as well! Am so happy you two blog, it allows me to participate!