Monday, June 30, 2014

Knitting at the Kent Market

Knitting seems to be all the rage lately, especially if you follow Mrs. DillyDally's blog, which I do.  So, when the opportunity came up to learn to knit socks right at our little market in Kent, I grabbed four needles and some yarn.
A lovely lady with lots of patience, Carol, got me started with the casting on and needle management techniques.  I have knitted in the past, but only with two needles.  I needed a refresher course for sure.  It was fun sitting on the picnic bench, sipping good coffee and chatting with the market shoppers as I struggled with the needles - four seems like two too many. 
After awhile, Zoe and her dad, my son joined me to check on my progress.  The top of the sock was coming along very slowly - knit one, purl one, start with the fourth needle etc.
Zoe stood by our mural poem; she loves poetry and the market scones.

"Swiss Chard leaves
Wave like bright flags
In the breeze." 

The village smithy was at the market giving demonstrations on how a blacksmith works.  Fascinating and HOT!
It was an exciting morning at the market for sure.

Now I am on my own with the knitting and I already goofed it up.  I started knitting with three needles instead of adding in the fourth - DUH!  I have go go back to the market for "back up" lessons.  It is not as easy to fix a knitting mistake; not at all like picking out stitches in quilting.  I will catch on.  I just have think before I knit!  


  1. Am so excited about your knitting ... wish I were there to walk you through your sock! Don't give up ... you can do this! There are many helpful youtube videos ... check them out! Knit on! ;-)

    1. I knew you would be happy about this. I will keep calm and knit on!

  2. You plan on teaching me, right?