Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring Time QBee Day

Trees are blooming - Grass is Greening - Machines are humming and Quilts are Springing

QBee Day at Barb B's has become a yearly get-together.  Her house sits out in the middle of the country and it was a beautiful spring day to sew and eat and gab.

Here are some show and tells and other highlights from the day.

Barb"s beautiful quilt that she resurrected out of a pile of vintage stars.  Awesome work.


Mama Barb's Wall Hanging

Miss Carol's quilt - a delight for the eye

Mama Barb's Birdie Quilt - so cute!

Mama Barb's Scrappy 1

Mama Barb's Scrappy 2

Mama Barb's Quilt (we think she never stops sewing)

Jen's Bed Runner - Her own design!

Miss Carol's Quilt with Miss Carol's feet

Michelle's Stack and Whack Kaleidoscope Quilt - Very unique.

This is what happens if you celebrate your birthday on a QBee Day - Bunny Ears and Photo Bombing.  

I'm smiling as I remember this day of good friends, sewing and fun.  

"My best friends are the ones who bring out the best in me."