Friday, January 3, 2014

My Quilt Plan List for 2014

January is a time for planning and a time of reflection.  Today I am not going to reflect, but instead, plan quilt projects that I will complete in 2014.  Please note that I used the word "will" instead of "hope to."  

10 projects for the new year.  The nice thing is, I already have the material or kit for most of these projects.  So here they are in no particular order, but I do have a deadline for the wedding quilt so it is #1..

1. Wedding Quilt – Log Cabin Maple Leaf Quilt Kit - "Fall Foliage" - This is for my nephew who is getting married at the end of the summer.   He and his future wife both love the outdoors. 

Had to buy this book for the pattern.  Kit was purchased a Gramma Fannies.
2. Nursery Rhyme Time Kit - This quilt will be for a new baby.  The couple doesn't want to know if it's a boy or a girl, so this will be gender neutral.  It looks like a fun easy quilt:
The Cow Jumped Over the Moon 
3.     Celtic Solstice - Anyone familiar with Bonnie Hunters Quiltville Blog knows that this is her latest mystery quilt.  I was just getting started and "Wham" she had the big reveal on New Year's Day.  I was certainly surprised.  Well, now it is a 2014 project.  I did get clue 3 done. 

4. Pokey Little Puppy Quilt - I found this in a magazine and bought the material at Fabric Shack last summer.  It's about time to get started with this cute quilt!

Dec. 2009 Quilter's World has Pokey Puppy quilt pattern
5. 2013 Amish Shop Hop Quilt - This was what I purchased on my first ever official shop hop.  I bought the setting at my favorite quilt shop; Mrs. Miller's Dry Goods.  This is the shop right by Mrs. Miller's Cabins where we go for quilt retreats.  It's a wonderful place for any retreat!

Can't wait to get started on this quilt!
6. Black and White Jelly Roll Quilt - This will be an easy quilt that would work well for a retreat.  LOOK - I have all the material and jelly roll in my stash!!  Woo Hoo!
Black and White Material
7. Scrappy Quilt using two inch enders and leaders.  No picture, but enders and leaders are in progress as I sew.

8. Scrappy Rail Fence.  I have always wanted to make a Rail Fence Quilt - No picture and don't know the colors yet.

9. Irish Chain.  I fell in love with this quilt and plan to make it this year:

Irish Chain Pattern, "Mountain Paths" can be found in Quiltmaker, Summer 2013
10. Random Quilt, my choice - This would be a good chance to try something new outside my comfort zone, or just make an easy fun one!  It also gives me the opportunity to buy new material.

I hope this helps you to think about your future quilting goals or any other goals you may have for the new year.  Have fun making a list and be sure to write it down!

Quote to ponder from Eleanor Roosevelt - First Lady

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan"


  1. Wow Gladys, you sure have been busy thinking. I have been making 4 patch blocks. The first block of the Celtic Solstice is done. Now onto making chevrons and pinwheels. I will try to keep you on track to get your To Do list done.
    Maybe I should make one too!
    It was great talking with you yesterday :)

    1. I have been working on clue 1, and it's very close to completion. Lots of cold days ahead to quilt! I enjoyed our conversation too. I miss everyone!