Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year - New Direction

Happy New Year to all my followers of Glady's Gab.  Did you notice that I changed the name and added "on Quilts and Quotes"?  I wanted the blog title to reflect the content which is mostly about quilts or quilting.  In past blog posts, I have included many quotes to go along with the content.  Since I dearly love quotes, they will now be featured as part of Glady's Gab.

Gladys Taber Quote for the New Year:

This first quote for our new year is taken from Stillmeadow Calendar written by one of my favourite authors from back in the 1960's, Gladys Taber.  She has authored many books and used to write a column for Everywoman's Family Circle called "Butternut Wisdom."  Does anyone remember that column, besides me?

Gladys Taber's books are homey and inspiring.  I have collected many of them from Ebay since I first discovered the Stillmeadow books when the Hiram book mobile would come around to my neighborhood in the 1960's.  My kids were young and we were so excited when the book mobile stopping right in front of our house in the rural development of Red Fox in Shalersville.  We ran out, climbed right up inside the big van and picked out our treasured books to read!  

What better way to start the new year than by revisiting this delightful, vintage book, complete with charming illustrations, and allowing Gladys Taber's message of home and peace sink into your heart. ♥

"What the new year will bring, we cannot know.  I think of the year that has been folded away in time.  There has been much good in it, although some sorrow.  But there are always, in any year, many lovely memories, and I shall cherish them.  Life is not, for most of us a pageant of splendor but is made up of many small things, rather like an old-fashioned piecework quilt." ~ Gladys Taber

Peace and joy in the new year!


  1. Love the new look and new direction! Have never heard of Gladys Taber and her work, but now I will look for it! Happy New Year to you! Am looking forward to what 2014 brings your way…thanks for sharing your talent through this blog … I enjoy tagging along with you!

    1. You can tag along with me any time! Knowing that I have some faithful followers, especially you and Miss Carol, makes blogging fun! You can find Gladys Taber's books on Ebay.

  2. Love the new look, and the first quote of the New Year!